Microsoft Office 365

The cloud modernises work and how you operate.

Stay connected and get things done.

Feasy has migrated thousands of users to Microsoft 365.

Wherever your staff are, online or offline, they can access—and work with—the most recent versions of the files and tools they need to complete their tasks. Additionally, they may do it using any device.

What to expect?

Improved Communication.
Access Files Anywhere.
Secure Cloud Storage.
Business Continuity.
Automatic upgrades.
Centralised Collaboration.
How much does it cost?
Depending on your size and requirements, licensing start at $7.60 to $86.20 per month. contact the team for further assistance to understand your requirements to find the best plan for you.
How Does Automatic upgrades work?
All necessary applications, including as Word, Excel, and Outlook, are included and operate online without the need to instal any software. Upgrades are carried out automatically at predefined intervals, so you never have to worry about being on the newest version. Additionally, you save the price of purchasing new software since updates are included in the monthly fee for your Microsoft 365 licenses.
How does Microsoft improve communications?
Microsoft 365 provides customers with capabilities for centralising and simplifying communication across Teams and Outlook. Teams enables you to conduct conference calls and meetings with colleagues and external agencies from anywhere in the globe, ensuring that collaboration and communication are always possible regardless of geography or time difference.

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