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One-Page Website.
Azure Hosting.
Your Domain.
Monthly Essential Maintenance.
1-5 Email Users (Office 365)



Five-page Website.
Azure Hosting.
Your Domain.
Monthly Standard Maintenance.
1-20 Email Users (Office 365)
Standard Online Donations.
Stripe Integration.
Get ahead



Ten-page Website.
Azure Hosting.
Your Domain.
Monthly Elite Maintenance.
1-50 Email Users (Office 365)
Enhanced Security.
Elite Donation Functionality.
Stripe Integration.
Salesforce Integration.
Fee Recovery.
Funds and Designations.
Automated Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Office 365?
Microsoft 365 is a subscription that includes the most collaborative, up-to-date features in one seamless, integrated experience. Microsoft 365 includes the robust Office desktop apps that you’re familiar with, like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
What is Azure Hosting?
Azure is a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers
What is a domain?
A domain name is a string of text that maps to a numeric IP address, used to access a website from client software. In plain English, a domain name is the text that a user types into a browser window to reach a particular website. For instance, the domain name for Google is ‘google.com’.
What is stripe?
stripe is a payment service provider that can accept credit cards, mobile wallets, buy now, pay later services and more than 135 currencies

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