Managed Hosting for Your Website.

The cost of managed hosting is completely justified when compared to low-cost shared hosting options.

Hosting that's Easy.

Put an end to your concerns regarding servers, hosting, hackers, and the performance of your website.

Why Managed?

Your Website Is Provided With Its Own Dedicated Resources.
Managed Hosting Is Extremely Speedy.
SSL Certificates for Free.
We Have Your Back.
Superior Security.
What is Managed Hosting?
Everything is taken care of by us. Upgrades, security, and migrations — we’ll take care of it all. In the long term, this will undoubtedly save you time, money, and IT resources, among other things.
Who is your hosting provider?
We host all of our websites on Microsoft Azure. It’s safe and quick.
Do you only do WordPress?
Yes, we only host WordPress websites.
How much is website hosting?
Managed WordPress hosting is what we specialise in. Our monthly hosting plan begins at $59+GST.

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